Japan's #1 Selling Putters are...

Japan's #1 Selling Putters are...

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Japan has a long history and tradition for scientific research and development. Precision is ingrained in the Japanese culture.

It's not a surprise to see the best-selling putter in Japan is their Truss series, which is based on Ashdon's Bermuda Triangle innovation.

Ashdon Golf has been selling our Bermuda Triangle putters for over a decade. They are, by far, the most stable putters on the market and are the most forgiving because of the triangle provides the widest sweet spot. Taylor Made agrees and that's why they copied the innovation.

The Roundabout putters have a slightly smaller sweet spot, but offer superior alignment with the dual-plane alignment guides. The Roundabout Blade has been Ronnie's putter for the past 15+ years, using it to win the US Putting Tour Championship (twice!).

However, the newest models are garnering amazing responses. The reactions on the greens when users try the Ballistic Missile M5 mallet have been nothing short of spectacular. People are calling this our best design yet.

It's Roundabout equivalent is the Ballistic Missile M6 mallet. Again, the roundabout series offers easier alignment. Also, offset shafts are available for those left-eye dominant right-handed players (or right-eye dominant, left-handed players); let's call it FRONT-EYE dominant for simplicity.

Ashdon putters give you the odds to hit your ball down your intended line of any putter on the market. It's no surprise that when golfers try Ashdon putters, they become lifetime Ashdon putters.

Putting is 40% of strokes on your score and usually the area of the game where you can shave shots most quickly/easily.

Try an Ashdon today and find the putter you've always been looking for!


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