Collection: Bermuda Triangle Series

The Bermuda Triangle series of putters are golf's most forgiving putters because it offers the most stability with a wider sweetspot. Triangles are the strongest geometric shape. By setting the angle of the leg from the toe at 45° and the angle of the leg from the heel at 15° , you create a triangle that intercepts 3" above the sole of the putter where the shaft connects to the putter head. The center portion of the Bermuda Triangle putter between the legs is solid and is part of the putter head itself.

The two-leg connection on the Bermuda Triangle putter allows for better performance on "miss hits". When a ball is struck by the putter and is hit off-center, the Bermuda Triangle putter allows for a better hit than a standard putter with only one connection because there is less vibration and twisting and more mass behind the off-center hits. This allows for better distance and roll which makes the ball travel better when miss hit, thus stopping nearer the hole.