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Ashdon Golf

Bermuda Triangle Grand Bahama Mallet

Bermuda Triangle Grand Bahama Mallet

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Improve your accuracy with the Ashdon Golf Bermuda Triangle putter line. The way the putter shaft conjoins with the putter head plays a significant role in determining how a putter will perform. The unique Bermuda Triangle Grand Bahama putter connects at the heel and toe to broaden into one wide piece, essentially a triangle. This increases stability and control through the stroke keeping the putter head square to the target.

The Bermuda Triangle Grand Bahama has the largest sweet spot of any putter which allows you to hit the ball anywhere inside the triangle and still get a solid hit, thereby eliminating mis-hits.


Engineered with the a 350 gram mass directly centered behind the golf ball, you get that solid feel that is so desired. The higher center of gravity gives better distance and roll which makes the ball travel smoother and stop nearer the hole.
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