The World's Most Forgiving Putter

The two strongest geometric shapes are a triangle and circle. These are the shapes engineers use to build bridges for optimal support and stability. It's physics.

Ashdon use triangles and circles to connect the shaft to putter head. The wider connection creates a wider sweet spot, and stabilizes the putter during the putting stroke because the heel-and-toe work as one.

A study performed by a major manufacturer found 87% of reduced torque.

If your putter face is off by just 2.028°, you will miss a 5-ft putt.

How many strokes are your yips costing you?

With Ashdon putters, you just point-and-putt. If you can play a round of golf and knock off two strokes per side by eliminating 3-putting and by making that extra 3-to-5-footer, you are improving your game just because of better equipment.

That is the mission of Ashdon Golf.

Join over 10,000 who have changed to Ashdon. Often, it's the LAST putter they've ever owned.

*** Satisfaction Guaranteed ***

If you aren't happy with your Ashdon Putter, just send it back for a full refund.

Ashdon putters are USGA approved.


"No 3-putts"

"First time out no three putts! Perfect weight! It looks like I will like your putter better than the 25 putters I already have." —Robert, Seal Beach, CA

"I've cut 5-10 strokes"

"Ron, I enjoyed meeting you on the practice green at the Marriott Desert Springs. I especially want to thank you for introducing me to your exceptional putter. I have put away my other five putters and cut at least five to ten strokes off my score card. The Bermuda Triangle Putter is everything you held it out to be. I love it!" —Louis E. Spomer, Denver, CO

"The best putter I've ever used"

"I bought my Bermuda Triangle Putter 3 years ago and I still love it. I am offered free putters all the time, but I would never consider changing. Your putter is the best putter I have ever used." —Denis Zegar

"I have an unfair advantage"

"I can't say enough about the Bermuda Triangle Putter, other than I've tried just about every putter on the market and keep coming back to my trusted Bermuda Triangle. When I use it I know I have an unfair advantage. In fact, I just bought another one as a backup...I don't ever want to be without it." —Bob Slapin

"It actually did cut about 5 strokes from my score"

"Ron, I purchased one of your putters at the Westlake putting green last week. I've used it three of four times since then and it actually did cut about 5 strokes from my score. I now look forward to putting." —Dick Prezzano