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Roundabout Guided Missile M4 Mallet

Roundabout Guided Missile M4 Mallet

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The Roundabout Guided Missile M4 mallet putter is slightly heavier than the M3, weighing 360 grams. It is designed with a circle the exact size of the golf ball that connects the heel to the toe for the easiest address possible with a putter! Just match the golf ball to the golf ball circle located in the middle of the putter…it’s that easy. Never again will the ball be aligned off the heel or toe. It will always be in the middle for a perfect address.

This unique circle connection creates better stability and control during the putting stroke. Better control keeps the putter head square to the target. More stability eliminates loss of control during the backswing.

The single guideline the height of the golf ball gives the golfer the ability to look over the ball for the easiest alignment ever developed. The triple sight lines on the back of the Roundabout  Guided Missile M4 Putter reassure the golfer that the putter is square to the target.

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