Which Ashdon Putter is Right for Me?

Which Ashdon Putter is Right for Me?

Ready to cut a few strokes off your score?

You can't go wrong with any Ashdon putter, as each one has the same fundamental engineering to increase stability and reduce torque. The question is, what model do you feel most comfortable with?

Mallet or Blade?

What do you use now?

Generally, blades give more "feel", as there is less mass behind the point of contact. We offer 3 different blade putters.

Mallets are easier to align and aim as the additional surface area allows for visual aids. We offer 7 different mallet putters. Our M3, M4, and M6 Roundabout mallets offer the easiest alignment of any putter in the industry with our dual plane alignment lines.

Bermuda Triangle or Roundabout?

Triangles are the strongest geometric form. Our Bermuda Triangle putters offer the widest connection points for the most stability and widest sweet spot, making them the most forgiving putters.

Circles are the next strongest geometric form. The circle is the 1.68" in diameter, the exact size of a golf ball. The Roundabout putters still offer a wider sweet spot than traditional putters. The higher impact point ensures your ball doesn't skip so that your ball achieves its pure roll, faster. The Roundabout mallets offer dual-plane alignment lines, giving added assurance for a proper address.

Straight Shaft or Offset Shaft?

Are you Right-Eye or Left-Eye dominant?

The industry is in love with offset shafts. The fact is, if you are a RIGHT-HAND putter and are RIGHT-EYE dominant, you ought to consider a straight shaft. Similarly for LEFT-HAND putters that are LEFT-EYE dominant, consider a straight shaft.

If you are a RIGHT-HAND putter and LEFT-EYE dominant, you can use either a straight shaft or offset shaft. Select whatever you feel most comfortable with.

It should be noted that offset shafts are only available in our Roundabout series.

The Bermuda Triangle series are only offered in straight shaft in order to stay conformed with USGA rules.

Dominant eye test

Here’s a simple dominant eye test to determine which eye is your preferred eye:

  1. Extend your arms out in front of you. Create a triangular opening between your thumbs and forefingers by placing your hands together at a 45-degree angle.

  2. With both eyes open, center this triangular opening on a distant object — such as a wall clock or door knob.

  3. Close your left eye.

  4. If the object stays centered, your right eye (the one that’s open) is your dominant eye. If the object is no longer framed by your hands, your left eye is your dominant eye.


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