Putting Innovation: Strength through Engineering

Putting Innovation: Strength through Engineering

By dividing the Bermuda Triangle putter into three equal segments - heel, toe, and center - the putter is designed to connect at the center of the heel and toe. In addition, the shaft was set to be directly in line with the center of the middle section. This precise connection, along with the shaft alignment, creates a perfectly balanced putter that eliminates twisting and turning of the putter when swinging to hit the golf ball.

By setting the angle of the leg from the toe at 45° and the angle of the leg from the heel at 15° , you create a triangle that intercepts 3" above the sole of the putter where the shaft connects to the putter head. The center portion of the Bermuda Triangle putter between the legs is solid and is part of the putter head itself. This wall between the legs allows the Bermuda Triangle putter to conform with USGA rules, which state that the shaft must be connected to the putter head in a single connection in a single plane.

The two-leg connection on the Bermuda Triangle putter allows for better performance on "miss hits". When a ball is struck by the putter and is hit off-center, the Bermuda Triangle putter allows for a better hit than a standard putter with only one connection because there is less vibration and twisting and more mass behind the off-center hits. This allows for better distance and roll which makes the ball travel better when miss hit, thus stopping nearer the hole.

A very unique quality of the Round-A-Bout™ G-360 putter is that the circle is the exact same size of the golf ball, 1.68 inches, and has a line directly above the circle. This allots the golfer the ability to line up his ball in the middle of the putter so there are no 'miss hits'. It also produces a much smoother roll on the ball (no hop, skip, or jump).

The Round-A-Bout™ G-360 putter was named the #1 putter in the country by Rankmark in 2007.

Both of these unique putters are the only putters on the market that can claim to actually stop the torque during the back swing which increases a golfer's chance of making the putt: better balance, a larger sweet spot, and no twisting and turning during the back swing...this makes for the perfect putter!

While all other putters seem to change the cosmetics of the putter, they don't actually change the engineering. Many engineers have told us that, in reality, all putters would benefit from having the triangle or circle on top of the putter head. As I always say, "It really just makes common sense. Having the wider connection on top of the putter head obviously is going to stabilize the putting stroke and make a much more balanced putter. It's just an extra benefit that it increases the sweet spot 87% more than any other putter."

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